​​Lion Lily Exotics


"Lion Lily Anise"

​Sire: Foreva Mateo Of Lion Lily

​Dam: Stars R Us Genesis Of Lion Lily

Anise is a silver patched tabby, she has a baby face and big round eyes. She is a beautiful girl! 

Bountylove Journey at Lion Lily

Journey is our import from Russia, she is a brown patched tabby white, odd eye carrier. She is stunning! I'm very happy to add her to my breeding program. Thank you Svetlana!!!

"Lion Lily Aubree"

Sire: CH Vannies Paws Timothy Of Lion Lily

​Dam: Lion Lily Romi

I almost sold this beautiful girl when she was a kitten, I'm so glad that didn't happen! I just love Aubree, she is such a beautiful cat and has such a sweet soft personality. She is a cream spotted tabby white, she has a big round head like her dad and big round eyes too!

"Stars R Us Genesis of Lion Lily"

Sire: GC Joleigh Chandelier Of Stars R Us

Dam: GC Cyrridwen Darmella Of Stars R Us

This is a horrible picture of Genesis, she is so much more beautiful in person, she is a gorgeous girl with big round eyes. Hopefully, I can replace this picture with a better one very soon.

"Lion Lily Maya"

This beautiful girl is a blue silver tabby, she is just as sweet as can be and loves everyone. She has the right look and the right personality.