​​Lion Lily Exotics

"Lion Lily Maya"

This beautiful girl is a blue silver tabby, she is just as sweet as can be and loves everyone. She has the right look and the right personality. 

Bountylove Journey at Lion Lily

Journey is our import from Russia, she is a brown patched tabby white, odd eye carrier. She is stunning! I'm very happy to add her to my breeding program. Thank you Svetlana!!!


"Lion Lily Aubree"

Sire: CH Vannies Paws Timothy Of Lion Lily

​Dam: Lion Lily Romi

I almost sold this beautiful girl when she was a kitten, I'm so glad that didn't happen! I just love Aubree, she is such a beautiful cat and has such a sweet soft personality. She is a cream spotted tabby white, she has a big round head like her dad and big round eyes too!